Dynasty Travel is an award-winning full-service travel agency that takes you on curated adventures beyond postcard destinations. Ever wanted to visit the mountain hamlets of Bomdila? Or learn about orangutan conservation in the pristine Bornean rainforests? How about fishing for prized sea urchins on the northernmost island of Japan? Every itinerary is handcrafted by our travel experts to leave you with great stories to tell.

Our Approach



Meticulously Curated

The world is too vast to be seen in one lifetime. But we aim to pack the most off-the-grid experiences into a single, unique trip – think jungle expeditions in O'ahu, gastronomic getaways across India. While our team is great at what we do, we love for you to make every trip your own. So go ahead, pick an itinerary, and tweak it till it's perfect. And of course, if you have an idea that's not on our list, feel free to toss it our way. At the end of the day, you deserve to spend every vacation minute the way you want to. We're here to make sure of it.



Backdoor Access

While working with local communities to craft unique experiences, we’ve met many fascinating people we are now proud to call friends. Friends who happen to be restaurant owners, master craftsmen, and generational farmers who are eager to yank back the touristy veil – and welcome you through the backdoor. So, instead of imagining the sea-to-plate experience from the dinner table, we get you to join local fishermen in harvesting the season's freshest catch. And you can have peace of mind that your travel dollars go to the hardworking men and women of the community.




From choosing eco-friendly accomodations built with sustainable methods to supporting attractions that respect wildlife as cohabitants on the earth, we seek to empower every traveller to respect and help to heal our planet. When it comes to the operational side of things, we lean on the old adage that "all good habits begin at home", including going paperless in our own workplace and eliminating disposable bottle use. We're excited to create meaningful journeys – and do good at the same time.



In Good Hands

We seek out friendly folks and turn them into world-class travel guides, who know the land like the back of their hands. And don’t worry, if you're craving for some alone time, simply let your host know, and he or she will gladly meet you at the next location – whenever you're ready.

Our History



The Sri Lanka itinerary struck a nice balance between wildlife, people culture and great food, all the things we care about and wanted to experience for this trip. The Dynasty Team's attention to details, travel expertise and passion made this trip one of the most memorable ones we have taken in recent years.

Justin T, Sri Lanka

20 Apr 2020

The tour guides took time to understand our travel needs and offer the necessary help we need. The activities that were planned suits our interests and expanded our understanding of the culture and the heritage of Inner Mongolia. They took the initiative to go the extra mile to introduce the mouthwatering delicacies and went to purchase treats and Christmas goodies for the group.

Lay Teen T, Mongolia

1 Jan 2020

I booked my cruise trip recently with Dynasty Travel. Thanks to Seok Lee who has provided an excellent service. She is helpful, friendly attitude and very responsive, even on weekends, which is a non-working day. Booking the cruise trip through her was fast and easy.

Candy G, Singapore

4 Jun 2022