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  • Welcome to a unique experience!
  • Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Chengdu.
  • Check-in to hotel.
  • Drive past the beautiful Chuanxi City – Ya’an.
  • Visit Shang Li Ancient Town – Among Sichuan’s top ten greatest old towns.
  • View Erlangshan from afar.
  • Visit the Luding Iron Cable Bridge, built in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi’s ruling period.
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  • Drive past Zheduo mountain - Standing at 4270m tall, it is the first pass of Kangba and an important geographical dividing line; separating the higher altitude areas.
  • View Mt. Haizi Glacier Site from afar.
  • Byams Chen Chos Skor Gling - Also known as Litang Temple, it is the largest Gelu Temple in Kangba.
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  • Yading Scenic Area (Eco-bus ride included) - The main part of the mountain separated completely into three, but not far apart, forming the chinese character “品” thus known as the three holy mountains. It has a pure scenery that is almost extinct on Earth, known as “the last piece of unpolluted land on our Earth”. The main scenic spots are the three mountains, as well as Mengzi Grand Canyon, Echu mountain, Asi mountain park. The three mountains are the Xiannairi (Goddess of Mercy), the Yangmaiyong (Manjusri) and the Xianuoduoji.”
  • Conggu Temple – It lies on the foot of Xiannairi mountain with an altitude of 3880m. The temple has been severely destroyed, and a stretch of walls are the only remainders. However, it is a sure place to pass in order to visit the three “holy” mountains, and it is also the starting point of the rounding ceremony of a local tribe. Other than that, infront of the Conggu Temple is the beautiful Conggu Grasslands, and from there you can admire the Xiannairi Mountain and Xianuoduoji Mountain at a good angle.
  • Take a ride on the battery car through the primeval forest, Shengshuimen, Five Hundred Luohan, head to Luorong Cow Farm.
  • Luorong Cow Farm stands at an altitude of 4150m, it is surrounded by three mountains and is also where nearby villagers graze their herds. Gongga River runs through the farm, and drifts into creeks in the woods. Herds of cows and sheep enjoy sufficient sunlight, green grass, and clear lakewater. Near the farm, the village and temple’s construction are unique, and here, people admire and coexist with the nature in harmony.They are honest and welcome guests kindly. Here is where the last Shangri-la lies as well.
  • View Sanhuzhu of Snow Mountains from afar.

Note: If your body allows, you may ride horses or walk towards the Milk Sea, Wuse Sea, with your own expenses.

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Lunch Due to limitations at Yading Scenic Area,Lunch will be packaged at Conggu Service Station
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  • Enjoy 2nd in-depth visits to Yading Scenic Area (Eco-bus ride included).
  • Gonggalang Jiling Temple – At an altitude of 3335m and started by Jiabukangzhu Luorongdianhui, the temple occupies 500 acre of land and has more than 300 monks. In the temple lies a priceless Buddha bronze statue presented by the fifth Dalai Lama, stretching till 300 years back.
  • Back to Daocheng, visit Banghe Scenic Area.
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  • Red Grassland Reserve – Most beautiful in October, always makes you feel that the film is not enough.
  • Sumdo Town – Beautiful scenery, lush grass and domestic animals are all thriving. Buddhist glory illuminate all things.
  • Head to Xinduqiao and get to take heavenly photos on the viewing platform. Behold the picturesque scenery of flowing streams, forest ranches, village lands, gentle flat terrain and grazing animals which change according to the seasons; making it an attractive destination for photography
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  • Drive past the Dadu River.
  • Back to Chengdu.
  • Jinli Street - Traditional Street, visit Ancient Town and taste local snacks.
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Dinner Hot pot Buffet (one pot each)
  • Kuanzhai Alley
  • Visit the Panda Post Office (a free special postcard for a dedicated panda postmark).
  • Free at your own leisure before your flight back to Singapore!
  • We hope you had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel, and we look forward to bringing you to your next holiday destination!


  • Tour sequence, hotels and meals are subject to change with / without prior notice.
  • In the event of discrepancy between the English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the Chinese itinerary for accuracy.
  • Passengers with high blood pressure or heart health problems and elderly are advisable to consult doctor before joining the tour.
  • The facilities and meals offered at highland are simpler and may not be compared with developed city in China. Based on safety considerations, we does not provide drinks.
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Dinner Panda Theme Feast
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