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Welcome to a unique experience!

·        Assemble at Changi airport for departure to Shanghai.

·        Head to Wuzhen, night tour of Xizha Scenic Area by awning boat. Appreciate the peace and tranquility of Wuzhen Water Town at night.

·        Specially arranged accommodation at 5 star Eden Platinum Hotel (Remark: There are no triple sharing rooms available. For triple sharing, additional top up for single room applies.)

Dinner Wuzhen Farmhouse Cuisine

·        Tour Qiandao Lake by boat, special arrangement for a cable car ride to admire Yellow Mountain Peak Scenic Area. Atop Yellow Mountain Peak, the tallest island of the Pearl Lie Islands, you can admire the beauty of Qiandao Lake along with over 90 other islands on the Qiandao Lake that looks like strings of pearls. Incredibly, a bird’s eye view of the islands forms the Chinese characters “Tian Xia Wei Gong”, which is regarded as one of nature’s miracles. Looking towards the Southeast direction, a deep canyon runs between Yellow Mountain Peak and Xianshan Island, and looking towards the Southwest direction, a boundless lake surrounds the Laoshan Island.

·        Special arrangement for accommodation at super 5 star Qiandao Lake Crowne Lake View Hotel.


·        Head to Wuyuan, known as “China’s most beautiful village”

·        Huangling (Includes two-way cable car), Wuyuan’s iconic landmark ancient village.Admire the terraced fields in Spring and farmers sunning their colorful farm products in Autumn. This classic mountain village was built in Mid-Ming Dynasty with over 500 years of history, and dwellings are built in a fan-shaped staircase manner surrounding the water source. Admire the scenic area from the sky as the visitors travel in cable cars.

·        Head to Tunxi, visit the moving masterpiece Along the River During Qingming Festival with Tunxi Old Street.

Dinner Jiangxi Cuisine

·        Head to Huangshan and take a cable car ride up Huangshan Scenic Area.

·        Visit West Sea Scenic Area - Danxia Peak, Paiyun Pavilion, “Immortal Drying Boots”, “Tiangou Listens to Zither”, “Couple Talks”

Dinner 5 Star Hotel Buffet

·        View sunrise (weather permitting).

·        Visit North Sea Scenic Area - Unity Pines, Meng Bi Sheng Hua, Bijia Peak, Black Tiger Pine…

·        Take a cable car down from Huangshan.

·        Hongcun Ancient Village is also known as “Village from a Painting”, and is also the most well-preserved dwelling from the Ming Qing Dynasty

·        Anhui Cuisine Museum, learn more about Anhui Cuisine, one of China’s 8 greatest cuisines

Dinner Anhui Cuisine

·        Head to Hangzhou, visit Xihu Scenic Area, Changqiao Park.

·        Climb Chenghuang Pavilion - one of Jiangnan’s four greatest towers (admire the beautiful West Lake, taste West Lake’s lotus root powder with classical music).

·        Ming Qing Dynasty River Square Street.

*Dynasty’s Unique Experience: (Limited to October – December tour groups) Special upgrade for dinner to Jinghang Dayun River Private Dishes, Jinqiu “Red Cape General” full crab feast, as eating crab in Autumn is regarded as the most honourable occasion.

Lunch Mini Hotpot (One pot per person)
Dinner Shan Wai Shan Restaurant (Hundred-years-old restaurant)

·        Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal – World’s longest and oldest canal, and also the biggest canal project. Admire the ancient building structures beside the canal, and Canal Street.

·        Back to Shanghai, shop at Chenghuang Temple Business District, taste Shanghai snacks on own expenses.

·        Drive past the Bund, and view 52 classic Fuxing Buildings with different building styles, hence known as the Bund World Building Expo, an iconic landmark of Shanghai and an important, representative building of China.

Dinner Xiaolongbao Delights

·        Chic Outlet Shopping Town – VITA Group’s shopping village brand for tourists in China, mainly selling off-season branded products.

·        Disney Town

·        Free at leisure before your flight back to Singapore!

We hope you have had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel and look forward to bring you to your next holiday destination.

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