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Welcome to a unique experience!

  • Assemble at Changi airport for our flight to Dalian via Beijing or Shanghai
  • A Russian-style street, built on the basis of the first street in Dalian Kailuan 100 years ago, it consisting of 20 Russian-style, European-style villas Drive past Zhongshan Square
  • Drive along the coastal road, you can see the north bridge that crosses the cliff. Here you can see the reefs on the waterfront and take you to the Xinghai Square, the largest summer paradise in Dalian. This park has lush gardens and flowers, and pavilions and then visit the century-old city carving
  • Proceed to Tianjin Street Night Market for shopping and taste of local snacks
Lunch Daqinghua Dumplings
Dinner Seafood Flavor
  • Drive to Dandong
  • Take a boat ride down the banks of the Yalu River, enjoy the scenery of North Korea
  • Far view the broken bridge, originally connected China and North Korea, but was bombed by US bombers during the war to resist US aggression and aid to Korea. It was re-maintained and utilized only on the Dandong side of China and was renamed "Broken Bridge".
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner River Fresh Flavor
  • After breakfast, take train from Dandong to Pyongyang, North Korea
  • Arriving in Pyongyang, capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the center of politics, economy and culture, and the tourist center. Pyongyang is a historic ancient city, derives its name from a flat, plain land. Since ancient times, Pyongyang has been fertile, with rivers and convenient transportation. Pyongyang has four distinct seasons and is picturesque. In the US-DPRK war, Pyongyang was destroyed but 40 years after the war, it was redeveloped into a new capital city.
Breakfast .
Lunch North Korea Lunch Box
Dinner in Hotel
  • Kim Il Sung Square is the centerpiece for celebrations and commemorative events. A huge bronze statue of Kim Il Sung sits at the centered of the Square. Red Flags fly on both sides and a group sculpture can be seen. Behind is the Korean Revolution Museum. The wall of the museum is a painting of the Baitou Mountain. Every commemorative day, Wanshoutai was flooded with the masses of people who come to offer flowers.
  • Wanjingtai former residence was also birthplace of Kim Il Sung, the leader of the Korean people. Kim Il Sung’s childhood was spent here. The former residence is a very simple straw house which has Korean characteristics and was once the house of ordinary people live in the past.
  • Visit the Wanshoutai Monument, Juche Tower and the party memorial tower.
  • Drive to Wonsan, the capital of North Korea’s Gangwon Province, located on the east bank of the Korean peninsula, and is an important trading port of the DPRK. Korean People’s Army Navy and Air Force Base is also situated here.
  • Visit Songdon Pleasure Resort Beach, Songdon Garden has a beautiful environment and scenery. It has vast sandy beaches, dense pine forests and bright sea bracts. It is like a beautiful picture.
  • Proceed to Mount Kumgang, Song Dynasty poet-Su Dongpo also admired the beauty of Mount Kumgang wrote “Wish to be born in Korea, and see Mount Kumgang”. Mount Kumgang in North Korea, just like Huangshan is in China. Hua Yanjing once mentioned that there are 12,000 peaks in the "Kinggang Mountain". It is just that the peaks are connected here, and the rock formations are very consistent with the descriptions in the Buddhist scriptures, and thus become the fairyland of the literati. Mount Kumgang is close to South Korea and is a 100% stone mountain. The rock is masculine and magnificent and very impressive. The granite with black mica has been tempered by tens of millions of years to make the sculpture of Mount Kumgang  today. The masculine contour, under the sunshine of different time periods, exudes the brilliance of white as the white jade or the splendid color of the magical color like the golden sand or purple.
Breakfast .
Lunch Little Hotpot
Dinner Wonsan Seafood Flavor
  • Jiulongyuan is the most beautiful place in the Waijingang Scenic Area; enjoy one of the three famous waterfalls in North Korea [Kowloon Falls] and various sizes of waterfalls with clear turquoise waters. Venturing the Jiulongyuan, you can enjoy the waterfalls, the Qitan abyss and  also enjoy the Renaissance Terrace, Rabbit Rock, Jingangmen, and Yuliutan, Yuliu Waterfall, Lianzhutan, Lianzhu Waterfall, Feifeng Waterfall and Wufeng Waterfall etc., like the secrets places to practice martial arts in the novels, and there are still many myths and legends in it.
  • Sanripu has been one of the “Eight Scenes of Kanto” since ancient times. It has very charming scenery. It is said that there was a king in the ancient era wanted to tour for a day but was mesmerized by the lake and mountains of this dreamland and stayed for 3 days instead, hence the name "Sanripu"
  • Tomb of Dongming is the tomb of Zhu Meng, the ancestor of the founding father of Goguryeo. Goguryeo is the country with the largest and the longest existence in the history of the Korean peninsula. At that time, the Goguryeo worshipped the founding father of the kingdom of Dongming, regarded him as a god, and built a magnificent and tough mausoleum for him after his death. The Tomb of Dongming was originally located in Ji'an City, Jilin Province, China today. After the founding of Goguryeo, Goguryeo’s national strength grew stronger and it continued to expand its territory to the south. When the capital was moved to Pyongyang in 427 AD, the Tomb of Dongming, also relocated to Pyongyang.
Breakfast .
Lunch North Korean Flavor Set Lunch
Dinner Special Roasted Duck
  • Kaesong is the capital of Korea's first unified country, Goguryeo.It’s old name is Songdu. It has experienced more than 500 years of prosperity and traditional business flourishes. The Korean ginseng produced in the suburbs is well-known internationally and is also the highest level among Korean ginseng. The Kaesong Special City is part of the Kaesong Industrial Zone. It is similar to the special economic zone set up by the Chinese mainland in Shenzhen. It allows investors from South Korea and around the world to set up factories and become an emerging light industrial center in East Asia and North Korea
  • Panmunjom is the common military area on the military demarcation line between the North and the South in the demilitarized zone. Since the signing of the Armistice Agreement by representatives of North and South Korea on October 25, 1951, Panmunjom has been the focus of attention in the world. According to the Armistice Agreement signed in 1951, Panmunjom, which is only 800 meters from the square, is guarded by the United Nations Garrison and the North Korean Army. Panmunjom is a symbol of the North-South opposition. It is the only demilitarized zone in the north and south that can communicate and exchange, and is responsible for connecting the North and the South.
  • South-North Korean 38 border line Since the signing of the truce in 1953, it has been divided into national borders by the truce line. North and South Koreas at that time agreed to be bounded by 38 degrees north latitude and each of them retreated 2 kilometers, a 4 kilometer "unarmed zone" was formed in the middle of the truce line, referred to as "D.M.Z".
  • Koryo Museum is located in the Kaesong Industrial Area. Built in 1987, it has 12 main buildings and 6 annex buildings belonging to the Sungkyong Hall. It has a total area of 70,000 square meters and has more than 1,000 historical relics. There are also exhibits such as stone towers, stone tablets and stone lamps outside the museum.
  • Proceed to the Youth Palace to enjoy a special arranged singing and dancing performance by North Korean students.
Breakfast .
Lunch Copper Bowl Set + Ginseng Stewed Chicken Flavor
Dinner Datong River Tour Boat Song and Dance Banquet
  • Drive to the Miaoxiangshan Scenic Area. It has a wonderful mountain scenery, the mountain full of pines and cypress trees and it’s fragrant filled the air, hence its name.
  • Visit the International Friendship Exhibition Hall, which displays more than 100,000 precious gifts received by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il from politicians and folk friends from all over the world.
  • Visit Puxian Temple, one of the five Buddhist temples in North Korea.
  • Return to Pyongyang and visit the Great Learning Hall, the largest national library in North Korea.
  • Pyongyang underground railway + experience ride,  it is the deepest subway in the world. The interior is magnificent, like a perfect underground palace.
Breakfast .
Lunch Bibimbap
Dinner Flame Teppanyaki Feast
  • After visiting the Triumph Arch Pyongyang, take a plane back to Shenyang.
  • Visiting the Forbidden City in Shenyang, the palace of the Nurhachi and Emperor Taiqing in the early Qing Dynasty
  • Manqing Shopping Street, most of its buildings are built according to the ancient architectural style of the Qing Dynasty.
Breakfast .
Lunch Gourmet Cake Roast Duck
Dinner .
  • Free at leisure until time for transfer to the airport for your flight back to Singapore (Via Beijing or Shanghai)
  • We hope you had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel, and we look forward to bringing you to your next holiday destination!


***Tour sequence, hotels and meals are subject to change with / without prior notice. 

***In the event of discrepancy between the English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the Chinese itinerary for accuracy

***Due to airlines schedule, flights between Singapore and the destinations are transit flights

*** No trip room in Volga Monor Resort, need to top  up single room surcharge $60/pax

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