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Welcome to a unique experience!

  • Assemble at Changi airport for departure to Shanghai.
  • Head to Kunshan
  • Check in hotel after dinner.
Dinner Jiangzhe Cuisine
  • Yangcheng Lake Lotus Island (including round-trip cruises and Memory Park): Autumn is the most fertile season for hairy crabs. The crabs on the island, the idyllic scenery and the beautiful lake scenery are definitely satisfying experiences.
  • Flower Valley view Chrysanthemum (depend on flower season, normally ard Nov) With the theme of “Chinese Traditional Flower God”, it is uniquely designed to create ten unique boutique gardens such as Flower Garden, French Garden, Dutch Garden and Rose Garden and two original flower gardens, forming a unique “flower theme” tourism and leisure town.
  • Qingming Bridge Water Lane: In the old days, it was the bustling place of Wuxi. From morning to night, it was filled with all kinds of product selling shouts that were one after another. Today's Qingming Bridge shows the tranquility, comfort and quaintness of Jiangnan Water Town. It is called the modern version of the Qingming River.
Breakfast Hotel International Buffet
Lunch Farm Cuisine, 1 pair of Hairy Crab per pax
Dinner Ribs Cuisine
  • Wuhu Wetland Park: Located in the Lixiahe area, it has a large lake surface and many river channels. Cruise the river while the autumn leaves flutter, smelling the sweet-scented Osmanthus fragrance, listen to boat lady singing watertown minor is indeed a different experience.
  • Taizhou Old Street: Using the ancient Ming and Qing architectural styles, it restored the merchant culture of Taizhou in the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties and enriched the memory of the entire Taizhou Old City.
Breakfast Hotel International Buffet
Lunch Taizhou Old Time Hotel, Gu Yue Lou Morning Tea
Dinner Phoenix Goose Flavor
  • Qixia Mountain enjoys maple leaves (depending on the actual flowering period, generally from mid-late October to early December): One of the four major scenic spots in China. During the frost season, the mountains and red leaves are overwhelming and beautiful, and it has become one of the famous scenic spots in Nanjing.
  • Nanjing Eye Pedestrian Bridge: The first sightseeing pedestrian bridge on the Yangtze River. The cables, like a bird stretching out its wings, form a harp shape and the pedestrian are like dancing notes on the strings.
Breakfast Hotel International Buffet
Lunch at Shangri-La Chinese Rest-JiangNan Zao
Dinner Jinling Theatre
  • Niu Shou Mountain Scenic Area (including Fo Ding Palace and battery car): The two peaks that protrude from the top of the mountain resembles two horns and so get its name. The highest sacred object in the world of Buddhism –Sakyamuni Buddha's top bone relics has been worshipped here.
  • Ming City Wall: The Nanjing City Wall, built on the mountain, has a long history which left behind a series of mottled traces. Nanjing Mingcheng Wall is the world's largest city wall, witnessing and inheriting history, is the representative of the city.
  • Qinhuai River Night Cruise: Boating Qinhuai, come into view are the ancient buildings with white wall and black tiles lining on both sides of the river. The lights on the building and a string of red lanterns under the eaves are reflected in the Qinhuai River.
Breakfast Hotel International Buffet
Lunch Niu Shou Shan Vegetarian Buffet
Dinner Nanjing Street Hawker
  • Shili Ancient Ginkgo Promenade (depending on the actual flowering period, generally from late October to late November): Changxing is called "the hometown of the world ginkgo". The entire corridor is about 12.5 km long. There are 30,000 native wild ginkgo trees scattered along the promenade, including more than 2,700 old trees that are over 100 years old.
  • Yixing Zhuhai: The bamboo sea winding path is secluded, the mountaineering looks out, the blue waves are undulating, this place is a natural oxygen bar.
Breakfast Hotel International Buffet
Lunch Farm Cuisine
Dinner Taihu Cuisine
  • 1876 Old Station Creative Park: Close to the original site of the “Jiangwan Station”, the more than 100 years ago Shanghai Railway was converted into a creative Park. It is the only historical and cultural theme creative park in China. The exterior of the park building looks like the British railway station, the European style of the Shanghai taste.
  • Chenghuang Temple: A must visit site, here you can fully appreciate the folk customs of Shanghai and taste authentic Shanghai snacks and local dishes. Every night, the colorful landscape lights on the antique buildings make this a very beautiful landscape.
Breakfast Hotel International Buffet
Lunch Yuxin Chuan Cuisine
Dinner Own expenses
  • Free at leisure before your flight back to Singapore!

We hope you had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel and we look forward to bring you to your next holiday Destination!


*Tour sequence, hotels and meals are subject to change with / without prior notice. 

*In the event of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the Chinese itinerary for accuracy.


  • One of the four major scenic spots in China - "Qixia Mountain"
  • The first township of Ginkgo in China - "Changxing Ancient Ginkgo Promenade"
  • China's first national wetland park - "Wuhu Wetland"
  • A Taste of China [On Tip of the Tongue Cuisine]
  • China's top Huaiyang restaurant - Shooting location on the tip of the tongue - Shangri-La Hotel Chinese Restaurant "Jiangnan Zao"
  • Asia's best restaurant, taste of Nanjing that invade United Nation - "Nanjing Street Hawker"
  • Authentic Yangcheng Lake's Fat beauty - "Hairy Crab"
  • The old-fashioned Taizhou morning tea, the old-fashioned shop - "Gu Yue Lou"
  • 2018 Michelin Guide Shanghai List Restaurant - "YuXin Chuan Cuisine"
Breakfast Hotel International Buffet
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