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Welcome to a unique experience!

  • Assemble at Changi Airport for departure to Urumqi (Transit flight).
  • Head to Kuitun to check in hotel.
Dinner .
  • Head to Karamay – famous oil city.
  • Urho Devil City (Includes small train) – Renowned wind erosion landform scenic area.
  • Drive past large area Oilfield.
  • Head to Burqin – A famous town located at the foot of Altai Mountain
Breakfast .
Lunch - Monster Chicken Cuisine
Dinner - Coldwater Fish Cuisine
  • Hemu Village (Includes sightseeing car) – Known as “China’s greatest village”.
  • Admire a white birch forest along the way.
  • Head to Hadeng Observation Deck by foot (Enjoy the full view of Hemu Village).
  •  Tuva tribe home visit – Taste traditional Tuva snacks and enjoy a performance with Tuva musical instruments.
  • Special arrangement for accommodation at the best hotel in Hemu Village - Hemu Villa.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Head towards the observation deck to admire Hemu’s sunrise, morning fog and other beautiful sceneries (Depending on the weather).
  • Enter Kanas Natural Landscape Reserve (Shuttle bus ride included) – When a United Nations Environmental Officer saw Kanas’ gorgeous and mesmerising scenery, he had exclaimed that “Kanas is the world’s most well preserved natural scenery, its existence proves that the Earth once possessed such beauty. Kanas is the world’s last piece of pure land, and it’s so beautiful it’s suffocating.”
  • Stroll along Kanas Lake, and admire Siberia Taigarin.
  • Head to Guanyu Deck (Includes car within the scenic area) – On the way up to the Guanyu Deck, you can admire Kanas Lake from different angles, and it is the best spot for viewing the lake. From the end of May to mid-June, the hills would be covered in colourful wild flowers.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Kanas Scenic Area (Second entry, shuttle bus ride included).
  • Visit Wolong Bay along the way, as the water washes up against the bay. There is an island in the bay, and when seen from a height, looks just a dragon, hence its name.
  • Moon Bay – A special feature in Kanas Scenic Area, an extended area of Wolong Bay. The beautiful bay changes as the water changes, and is a gem on the lake. The Kanas waterbed forms a “Ϩ ” shape, in the shape of a dragon.
  • Immortal Bay – A shallow bay formed by Kanas Lake, when the sunlight shines, the water shimmers as if multiple pearls had been sprinkled on the lake surface. The bay is often surrounded by clouds, along with the mountain scenery, lake water, and trees, the scenery is otherworldly, hence its name.
  • Head to Burqin, admire the colourful beach, Irtysh River, and the beautiful Yadan landscape along the way.
  • Arrive at Burqin, head to Heti Night Market.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner - Uyghur Cuisine
  • Pass by Kalamaili Nature Reserve and Burning Mountain.
  • Head to Fukang.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner - Big Plate of Chicken Delights
  • Head to Bogeda Mountain, the centre of Tianshan.
  • Heavenly Lake (by boat, eco-bus and electric car, but in the event of unforeseen factors, boat ride will be cancelled).
  • The Grand Bazaar – Large-scale ethnic mall, feel free to shop for souvenirs
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Drive past the largest Windmill Power Station in Asia – A unique scenery along Turpan-Urumqi Highway.
  • Jiaohe Ancient City (Includes electric car) - The oldest and most well-preserved native construction city in the world, and also the first place where Tangxiyu’s Supreme Military and Political Institution was set up.
  • Kan’er Well - The underground irrigation channel of the Gobi Desert.
  • Su Gong Pagoda – It is the largest mosque in Turpan and largest ancient pagoda in Xinjiang.
  • Grapes Valley, Uyghur Home Visit.
  • Grape Picking (seasonal activity), Uyghur will sing and dance under the grape racks.
  • Flaming Mountains – The place where Sun Wukong battled Princess Tieshan in the famous chinese novel “Journey to the West”.
Breakfast - In Hotel
Dinner - Xinjiang Roasted Whole Lamb Cuisine (More than 16 members, arrange for one whole roasted lamb)
  • Head to Liuyuan via High-speed rail. After arrival, drive to Dunhuang – a famous frontier town as stated in history.
  • Mingsha Hill (Includes electric car).
  • Crescent Moon Lake - the rare, gorgeous and crystal-clear spring in desert.
  • Shopping at Shazhou Night Market.
Breakfast .
Lunch - Own Expenses in the Train
Dinner - Dunhuang Cuisine
  • Mogao Grottoes (Includes eco-bus).
  • Watch a movie “Thousand Year Mogao”, introducing the history of Mogao Caves (Est. 20 minutes).
  • A worth-seeing Cinerama on “Fantasy Buddhist Temple”, a magnificent high-definition film introducing the 7 caves that are not open frequently (Est. 20 minutes).
  • Head to Jiayuguan - the most western end of the Great Wall.
  • Along the way, enjoy the scenery of Gobi, unique to the Northwest - if weather permits, you might be able to see the rare natural phenomenon, mirages.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner - Xiongguan Cuisine
  • Ascend Jiayuguan Great Wall Tower (Includes electric car) – View Qilian Snow Mountain from afar.
  • Cantilever Wall - The most western pass of the Great Wall, built in the Ming Dynasty.
  • The World’s Top Pier (Includes electric car) – The first platform pier at the western end of Ming Dynasty’s Great Wall.
  • Head to Zhangye for accommodation.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner - Shu Hero Hotpot
  • Colourful Danxia Geomorphic (Includes electric car).
  • Head to Lanzhou.
  • Baita Temple – One of Lanzhou’s 8 greatest sceneries. Within the temple, there are 3 precious goods, the first being elephant skin drum, the second is a bronze bell, and the third is a Bauhinia tree.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner - Ramen Cuisine
  • Free at leisure before your flight back to Singapore.

We hope that you have had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel and look forward to bring you to your next holiday destination!



• Tour sequence, hotels and meals are subject to change with / without prior notice.

• In the event of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese itineraries, please refer to the Chinese itinerary for accuracy.

• Due to airlines schedule, flights between Singapore and the destinations are transit flights.


Breakfast .
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