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Welcome to a unique experience!

  • Assemble at Changi Airport for departure
  • Check in hotel
  • Take domestic flight to Nyingchi – upon arrival at evergreen Nyingchi which lies 2,500 metres above sea level and boasts  of lush greenery and fresh blooms all year round.
  • Giant Cypress Nature Reserve, Bayi Town.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Drive to the most beautiful lake in Tibet, Basongtso Lake also known as “The Alps of Tibet”, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush forest.
  • Proceed to explore and stroll leisurely on Xianren Island  located at the centre of the lake.
  • Traverse across the 5,230 metres high Mt. Mila and drive past  Maizhokunggar Town and Dagze Plain.
  • Niyang River.
  • Arrive at the Sunlight City-Lhasa, a saint city with 1300 years history.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Patala Palace (Highest ancient palace in the world)
  • Jokhang Temple – The ultimate pilgrimage destination for Tibetan pilgrims, Barkhor - Shopping Street.
  • Night view of Potala Palace Square.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Across the snowy Mount Gangbala which stands at 4,900 metres above sea level, view Gangbala radar station in the distant from afar.
  • Yamdroktso – one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet.
  • Kambala Pass, Gyantse, Pelkhor Choede Monastery.
  • View Tsong Burg from afar.
  • Arrive at Shigatse.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Tashilunpo Kloster Monastery – The residence of Panchen  Lama.
  • Stupa of Panchen Lama.
  • Yarlong Tseangpo River – enjoy the great landscape.
  • Back to Lhasa.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Acclimate for the altitude. We will take the Qinghai – Tibet  train whole day to Xi’ning.
  • The route: Lhasa – Damxung – Nagqu – Amdo – Tuotuo River  - Gelmud - Xi’ning.
  • Arrive at Xi’ning on the next day.
  • On train (4 pax / cabin, no single room apply on the train).
Breakfast .
Lunch Own Expenses in the Train
Dinner Own Expenses in the Train
  • Arrive in Xi’ning, drive past Sun and Moon Hill, Sun Pavilion,  Moon Pavilion, Inverted River.
  • Kumbum (Ta’er) Monastery – one of the six great monasteries  of the Geauga sect of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Qinghai Lake (electric car ride included).
  • Rape flowers blossom in every July to August.
Breakfast Own Expenses in the Train
Lunch .
Dinner Muslim Cuisine
  • Head to Zhangye.
  • Through Osaka Mountain, drive past Mt. Qilian.
  • Giant Buddhist Temple – the unique remaining Tangut  Buddhist Temple.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner Ganzhou Pork Ribs Cuisine
  • Colorful Danxia Geomorphic. (electric car ride included)
  • Head to Jiayuguan - the western end of the Great Wall.
  • Ascend to Jiayuguan Great Wall Tower (electric car ride included) - view Qilian Snow Mountain.
  • Cantilever Wall - located in the western end of the Great  Wall built in the Ming Dynasty.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner Steam Pot Chicken
  • Ride along the way to enjoy the Northwest Unique  Scenery of Gobi.
  • Arrive at Dunhuang - historic important city in border  defense.
  • Mingsha Hill (electric car included).
  • Crescent Moon Lake - the magical gorgeous emerald and crystal-clear spring in desert.
  • Shazhou Night Market.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner Silkroad Feast
  • Mogao Grottoes (eco-bus ride included).
  • Watch a movie introducing the history of Mogao Caves  (est. 20 minutes).
  • A worth seeing dome movie on “Fantasy Buddhist Temple” which was filmed with an introduction of the 7 caves that  were not open frequently using high definition (est. 20  minutes).
  • Head to Liuyuan, take high speed train to Turpan.
  • Flaming Mountains.
  • Jiaohe Ancient City (electric car ride included).
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner Xinjiang Roasted Whole Lamb Cuisine (arrange whole lamb above 16 pax group)
  • Korez Wells - the underground irrigation channel in Turpan.
  • Su Gong Pagoda is the largest mosque in Turpan and  existing ancient pagoda in Xinjiang.
  • Grape Valley, Uyghur Home Visit.
  • Grapes Picking (seasonal).
  • Drive past the largest Windmill Power Station in Asia.
  • Arrive at Urumqi.
Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner Spicy Chicken
  • Head to Bogeda Mountain, the Middle of Tianshan.
  • Heavenly Lake (by boat, eco-bus and electric car, but in  the event of unforeseen factors, boat will be cancelled).
  • The Grand Bazaar.
Breakfast .
Lunch Chicken Casserole
Dinner Hot Pot Buffet
  • Back to Chengdu, Chun Xi Road (Shopping Area).
  • Wide-Narrow Alley (Get to know the Local People’s Lifestyle)


Breakfast .
Lunch .
Dinner .
  • Back to Singapore.

We hope that you have had an enjoyable vacation with  Dynasty Travel and look forward to bring you to your  next holiday destination!


  • Tour sequence, hotels and meals are subject to change with / without prior notice.
  • In the event of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese itineraries,  please refer to the Chinese itinerary for accuracy.
  • Passengers with high blood pressure or heart health problems and elderly are  advisable to consult doctor before joining tour.
  • Diplomats and reporters will need special arrangement for the Tibet Entry Permit.
  • The facilities and meals offered at Tibet highland are simpler and may not be  compared with developed city in China. Based on safety considerations, Tibet  does not provide drinks.
Breakfast .
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