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Welcome to a unique experience!  .

  • Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for our flight to  Korea.
  • One Mount – the world’s first theme park that delivers  winter and summer fun 365days a year. The new concept  complex is brimming with the best in fun and shopping:

          - Snow Park – Snow Park in Santa Village, where the  weather is always ‘snowy’. Ice sledding experience at the  snow park.  

         - Water Park* – indoor and outdoor slides, surf wave pool,  flowing pool and aqua play. *(Please bring along your swim  gears to enjoy the activities.)

Lunch One Mount Meal Coupon
Dinner Korean 8-colours Pork BBQ
  • Pocheon Herb Island – showcasing Mediterranean herbs  all year long. You will enjoy a DIY Herb Candle and bring  your own handmade Herb candle home as a souvenir.  During the character dress up session, it’s your time to  become the main character of your favorite fairy tale like,  the Snow White, Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland!
Breakfast Hotel
Lunch Pork Cutlet
Dinner Korea Fried Chicken + Beer or Soft Drink
  • Fruit Picking Experience *(seasonal).
  • Korea Biggest Theme Park: Everland (Full Theme Park  Ticket) – theme parks including Magis Land, European  Adventure and Zootopia, prefect for a great amusement  park. One o the park’s most famous rides is T-Express,  Kore’s first wooden roller coaster, popular among young  visitors.
Breakfast Hotel
Lunch Everland Lunch Meal Coupon
Dinner Korean Pork BBQ
  • Legend Heroes – Korea’s new concept screen sports  theme park where IT and sports combine to provide a  variety of screen sports and arcade games including  baseball, curling, and soccer.
  • Unique Experience: tour Bukchon Hanok Village in  Hanbok (Traditional Korean Costume) – Bukchon Hanok  Village surrounded by Gyeongbokgung (Palace), Chang  deokgung (Palace) and Jongmyo Royal Shrine, Bukchon is  a residential area in Seoul with countless hanoks  (Traditional Korean Houses). Bukchon is also called “the  street museum in the urban core,” having many historical  spots and cultural heritage sites.
  • N Seoul Tower – the 236.7 meter tower sits atop Namsan  Mountain (243m). The observatory offers panoramic views  of Seoul and the surrounding areas.
  • Hello Kitty Island – a cultural complex with the theme  “The happiest one-day trip the global character Hello  Kitty”.
  • Tayo Kids Café – all of the parents and children in the world  make a happy space.
Breakfast Hotel
Lunch Korean Ginseng Chicken
  • Free Day.
Breakfast Hotel
  • Trick Eye 3D illusion Art Museum – experience fun and  amazing illusions.
  • Ice Museum – meet life-size ice sculptures.
  • VR Ride* – experience virtual reality unfolding right before  your eyes *(1 time VR Ride).
  • Bid farewell to Korea as we transfer to Incheon airport for  our flight back to Singapore.

We hope you had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel  and we look forward to bring you to your next holiday  destination.

Breakfast Hotel
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