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Welcome to a unique experience!

  • Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for our flight to Korea
  • Enjoy the colours of autumn at  Daedunsan Mountain.
  • Daedunsan Mountain - is defined by the  grandiose rock peaks of Macheondae,  the summit, Chilseongbong and  Janggunbong, as well as surrounding  strange rocks and lush trees that make  up Samseonbawi Rock, Yongmungul  Cave and Geumgangmun Gate. A  5-minute cable car ride followed by a  walk up the steep stairs leads to  Geumgang Gureumdari, which is 81  meters high and 50 meters long across  Imgeumbawi Rock and Ipseokdae  Pedestal.
  • Jeonju Hanok Village - the bestpreserved  living traditional village
Lunch Korean Hanjeongsik with Bean Paste Soup
Dinner Jeonju Bibimbap & Seafood Pancake
  • Bamboo Park – enjoy a path through a  high bamboo forest, refreshing air in the  winds that blow through the area.
  • Metasequoia-lined Road - beautiful and  exotic boulevard that looks like it is came  straight out of a fairytale.
  • Meta Provence – roam around the  colorful buildings and fun structures to  get a truly unique experience.
  • Enjoy the colours of autumn at  Baegyangsa Temple – The combination  of the mountain and valleys on both  sides creates beautiful scenery. Nature  reveals its beauty throughout all seasons  here especially the red maple leaves  during the fall.
Breakfast Hotel
Lunch Damyang Minced Pork Patty
Dinner Abalone & Octopus Seafood Soup
  • Enjoy the colours of autumn at  Naejangsan National Park – the best  mountain in Korea for viewing autumn’s  crimson leaves.
  • Naejangsan Temple – a representative  temple of Jeollabuk-do Province along  with Geumsansa Temple on Moaksan  Mountain.
Breakfast Hotel
Lunch Korean Gimbap
Dinner Korean Pork Soup & Pork Ribs Stew
  • Naganeupseong Folk Village – a folk  village where 300 peoples of 108 house  holds actually live in, reproducing the life  in the Joseon Dynasty 600 years ago. The  village has preserved the folk scenery of  Korea well.
  • Suncheon Bay is the most picturesque  place among the coastal wetlands of the  south coast of Korea.
Breakfast Hotel
Lunch Korean Pork Ribs BBQ
Dinner Korean Eel BBQ
  • Deoksugung Palace – famous for its  elegant stone-wall road. It is also the only  palace that sits alongside a series of  western style buildings that add to the  uniqueness of the surrounding scenery.
  • The Painters: [Hero] Show –  An innovative non-verbal performance  that stages the entire process of  painting, combined with incredible visual  effects and a wiy blend of miming,  dance and comedy.  (Children below 3 years old are prohibited)
Breakfast Hotel
Lunch Korean Ginseng Chicken
Dinner Korean 8-colours Pork BBQ
  • Unique Experience: Tour Bukchon  Hanok Village in Hanbok (Traditional  Korean Costume) – Bukchon Hanok  Village surrounded by Gyeongbokgung  (Palace), Changdeokgung (Palace) and  Jongmyo Royal Shrine, Bukchon is a  residential area in Seoul with countless  hanoks (Traditional Korean Houses).  Bukchon is also called “the street  museum in the urban core,” having many  historical spots and cultural heritage  sites experience fun and amazing  illusions.
  • Korean Ginseng Centre’s Showroom.
  • The Face Shop.
  • Myeongdong Shopping Street.
  • N Seoul Tower – The 236.7 meter tower  sits atop Namsan Mountain (243m). The  observatory.
Breakfast Hotel
Lunch Traditional Palace Cuisine
  • Free Day
  • Seaweed Museum
  • Korean Huganbao Showroom
  • Local Product Shop.
  • Bid farewell to Korea as we transfer to Incheon airport for our flight back to Singapore

We hope you had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel and we look forward to bring you to your next holiday destination.



  • Tatami-styled accommodation may be offered in Resorts.
  • Tour sequence, domestic flight, hotels and meals are subject to change with / without prior notice.
  • Bonus inclusion, if any, is subjected to weather and unforeseen conditions and there will be no replacement or refund if unable to proceed.
Breakfast Hotel
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