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02 - 13 Jul
Singapore Airlines
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02 Jul 2020 > SQ352 SIN 23:50 CPH 06:25
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02 - 13 Jul
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02 - 13 Jul
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Welcome to a unique experience! Assemble at Changi Airport for our flight to Oslo, the capital of Norway.



  • Proceed to the city after clearing immigration.
  • Enjoy an orientation tour of Oslo with landmarks such as the Opera House, City Hall and Royal Palace.
  • Spend the afternoon at leisure.


  • Fly to Longyearbyen located in Spitsbergen, the largest of the Svalbard archipelago.
  • Transfer to the hotel on arrival.
  • Spend some free time exploring the city centre.  Visit the post office to send a post card with a polar bear postmark from latitude 78 degrees.


  • A short orientation tour introduce the fascinating history and contemporary society in the capital of Svalbard and possibly the world’s northernmost ‘real’ town
  • In the afternoon, transfer to our vessel, the Ocean Atlantic, one of the world’s only ice-class expedition ships built to meet the North Pole pack ice.  The goal of this expedition is to sail as close as possible to the pack ice from the North Pole in the north of Svalbard, the polar bear’s favourite summer residence.   (Note: How fare north we reach and the exact route will depend on the ice conditions while the many amazing locations along the west coast of Svalbard are kept navigable by the warm Gulf Stream).
  • During the short summer, wildlife in Svalbard is busy amassing energy for the icy polar winter.  In the fleet of zodiacs, we are able to view wildlife at close proximity, have frequent shore landings and embark on exploratory mini cruises in the fjords and glacial landscapes.  With luck, we will be able to spot the polar bears as well as walruses, whales and countless arctic sea birds.
  • As we sail out of Advent Fjord, our Arctic adventure commences.


  • Our visit to Svalbard in the early summer gives us the best opportunities to observe the omnipresent but still elusive polar bear hunting for seals in its prime habitat.  At this time of the year, migrating birds have just arrived and eager to settle and feed to get the best start for the coming hectic summer months.
  • Our first landing will be at NY Alesund, the world’s northernmost settlement which is a research centre, the world’s most northerly post office and a shop that is open for a few hours a day.  The captain will try to get alongside so we can enjoy an easy walk through the area.


  • Enter North West Svalbard which was declared a national park in 1973. Start the day with a zodiac cruise in Danskergattet looking for seals before a landing at Smeerenburg, the legendary whaling town of 17th century.
  • If conditions allow, make a landing on Fuglesongen where the largest colony of little auks live.   The arctic fox can often be seen roaming the base of the bird cliffs to feed.


  • The ship steers far north towards the edge of polar pack ice (weather permitting) towards 80 degrees north.  This is the kingdom of polar bears!
  • As the pack ice retreats during summer, polar bears ride the floes north as this is where their prey, the seals, resides.  Bears that could not catch the ice moving north are stranded on Svalbard all summer and sustain on berries, eggs and whatever whale cadavers they can find.


  • The ship will try to sail as far east as possible to Hinlopen Strait.  Should this still be locked in by coastal ice, we will head towards Wood Fjord and Liefde Fjord.
  • Circumvent the brid rich Andoya in zodiacs and make a landing on Reindyrflya.  Other interesting landings in this fjord system can be Muhamna and the oddly named ‘Teas Bar’.
  • In the afternoon a zodiac cruise along the broad glacier front of Monacobreen gives a unique insight of the glacial forces and the unlimited forms of icebergs.


  • Arrive at the west coast of Spitsbergen and Kongsfjorden.  We will anchor behind Blomstrand Peninsula which is actually an island.  Blomstrand Glacier has receded revealing a shallow water strait which we will cruise through on our zodiacs to land on the island.
  • In the afternoon, we venture further north into the fjord system if the ice situation permits for a zodiac cruise along the Lilliehook Glacier front.  Otherwise, we will enjoy a lecture on board.


  • The west coast enjoys warmer water coming up from the Atlantic so winter ice should have melted and allows us to enter the southern fjord of Bellsund on our last day of exploration.
  • Bellsund has the richest coal deposit in Svalbard and Svea Mine was formerly the island’s biggest community.
  • Make landings at Varsol Bay where the cliff is populated by hundreds of thousands of little auks.  Reindeers love to graze on the richly fertilized tundra beneath the cliffs.
  • During lunch, cross the fjord along the narrow and long island of Akseloya.  Make a zodiac landing at Calysobyen in Recherche Fjord.  Take a pleasant walk on the tundra behind the former coal mine.


  • Return to Longyearbyen.  Bid farewell to the expedition team and crew as we transfer to the airport for our flight to Oslo.


We hope that you have had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel and look forward to bring you to your next holiday destination.

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